Welcome to the web site for Philip Arnold. The purpose of the site is essentially that of a business card; to introduce myself and offer a phone number and/or e-mail with which to contact me.  

I’m selling test equipment now for MetricTest.   My turf is L.A. County up to S.L.O. County.   I have much more to offer than before.  In addition to Agilent the line-up includes pretty much all my previous competitors; Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Advantest, Keithley, Fluke Networks, Anritsu, Digital Lightwave and more.  MetricTest has a large selection of new, refurbished, rental and leased products in stock for immediate shipment.   We also have a NIST traceable Cal Lab and Repair Center.   While Agilent is still prominent,  the additional choices make an even more complete set of products and technologies from which to choose.

I still find that assisting customers with their test and measurement needs is a fulfilling task, something at which I can always get better.  I have gained a lot of insight on what works and what does not.  I’m delighted to share my knowledge with those who see value in such and in return share their business with me.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of assistance with test equipment or anything else.

Thanks, Phil
Philip Arnold
818-808-8315  (cell)
818-781-7782  (office)

KJ6STS (for the hams out there J)